We make business know-how accessible

We know startups are more likely to succeed when they have access to expert know-how. But we also know how incredibly hard it is to find this affordably – and this always makes things harder for the little guys. So we’re on a mission to make business know-how accessible.

We are constantly adding to a bank of expert-curated information, templates and tools focused on the areas of operations, finance, HR and legal. We also run events, training sessions, workshops and meetups to help brands learn from eachother. Everything we do is aimed at making the journey from start-up food brand to fully-fledged business easier.

We help with the nuts and bolts of the business

Although we aim to help in all areas of the business, we focus on the areas that we believe will benefit most from pooling resources and knowledge. At the moment these include:


  • People management
  • Investment strategy
  • EMI schemes
  • Business strategic planning…


  • Forecasting demand
  • Negotiating contracts
  • Managing distribution
  • Dealing with raw materials…


  • Building NPD processes
  • Dealing with factories
  • Finding new suppliers
  • Microbiological analysis…

Plus HR and recruitment, systems and technology, insurance, finance, legal and IP and more…

Working with...

The Young Foodies community

"Young Foodies is the missing piece in tying together an inspirational community for the benefits of all."
"Absolutely love the idea and am so excited by all the opportunities that lie ahead."
"For once all of the networking opportunities aren’t just for sales or marketing. Being able to bounce ideas off others in the industry is invaluable."
"It’s high time that the small players in the food industry club together and enable themselves to one day become the big players whilst retaining their passion and dynamism."
"It's reassuring that others are in same boat with similar challenges and open to collaboration for mutual benefit."
"Community is the key to making the UK a global hub for food & drink. Young Foodies is bringing people together, and I love that."
"Brilliant! We all face the same challenges, we all undertake the same learning process. Collective knowledge will add infinite value."
Our Package

Too young for all of this?

If you don’t quite feel ready for Young Foodies, The Runway newsletter might be just what you need. Think of it as Young Foodies’ little sister - it’s totally free and is aimed at pre-launch brands or those at the beginning of their lives in grocery. We send out helpful information, knowledge and tips to help make the journey from idea to basket easier.