Making learning
easier for small brands
in food & drink
Finding courses that are relevant to what you do can be a nightmare. YF Academy training courses are built specifically for people like you - not only do they allow you to do your jobs better, but they also put you in a room with brands in the same boat as you.
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Excel for sales and marketing
Multiple dates
Need a few hours back in the day? Excel is one of those tools that, until you really understand it, you've got no idea what you're missing! Advancing your excel skills can drastically speed up your day-to-day tasks and, for a small business, is vital if you’re to get on top of that to-do list.

This five-week course will take you through to an intermediate level of excel.

It has been voted 5 stars out of 5 by all previous attendees!

Time control for FMCG
Multiple dates
Do you ever get the feeling that the day has ended and you’ve got nothing to show for it? Successful mastery of your time can drastically improve the output of a team of people – something every small business needs.

Over this three-part course, we teach you how to manage your time effectively and get the most value out of every day.

Getting the retailer to yes
14th august
This 3-day intensive sales programme is all about getting buyers to say yes. It is hosted by seasoned experts from across the industry and they will inject knowledge, confidence and good practice into your teams so you can feel truly armed for the big meetings in the pipeline.