We're incredibly proud of our membership package

Join an Inspiring Community

Our community is a place for like-minded people to ask questions, share advice and inspire each other. There are plenty of opportunities to connect, from forums and private messaging to sharing stories at an event. We encourage our members to make the most of this community - it's where the most value is shared.

Attend our member events

Whether through classroom training courses or interactive workshops, members attend our events to become masters in food and drink.

Access relevant knowledge

We've partnered with a selection of geniuses who know legal, product, finance and all those difficult subjects like the back of their hand. They write regular blogs and publish useful templates on their specialisms so our members can sleep easier at night.

The icing on the cake…

Our community gives us strength in numbers, so we can negotiate member deals from a powerful position. This has allowed us to secure brilliant discounts across all areas of the business such as recruitment, design and legal costs.

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We are currently closed for new member applications however please email hello@youngfoodies.co.uk to learn more about our pricing and becoming a member.