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We foster the Community of challenger food & drink brands and provide expert knowledge, experience and growth services to enable them to thrive.
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Consumerism has changed for the better

The rise of the ‘Conscious Consumer’, and a desire to understand the origins and journey products have been on. Retail is dramatically changing in response, with retailers seeking out innovative products and brands that meet consumer needs.

3 / 5
millennials believe their purchasing can make a difference to the world

share of category growth from SMEs


Challenger brands are delivering innovation

Founder-led challenger brands are becoming the new household staples. Created with passion and pride, these brands are fundamentally shifting the industry, delivering on the innovation consumers are demanding. 

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Young Foodies empowers the brands of tomorrow to thrive

We believe that the best products and brands should succeed, and we exist to make that happen. With a Community of the fastest growing, most exciting brands, and unique services designed to unlock their next stage of growth, Young Foodies is at the centre of the challenger ecosystem.

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The Community

Our Community is the hub for the most exciting and disruptive brands from our entire network. 

If you value collaboration over competition, apply now to access events, forums, exclusive perks, discounts and be a part of an incredibly exciting force.

Our Services

Our specialised business services enable high-growth consumer brands to unlock growth and thrive. 

We give our brands the best teams, reliable supply chains, access to investment and much more.


Founders trust us

Trusted to help across all business areas


Unlock your next stage of growth

Challenger brands are by definition ambitious, but for this to translate into success requires a robust growth plan. Through our unique position supporting hundreds of brands, we have observed the common challenges and how they can be overcome.

Find out more about our Growth Model to understand and plot your path to growth.

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Explore our latest industry insights

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I went for lunch the other day with a senior leader from the worlds’ biggest retailer and, when we asked what they look for in the brands they scale with, the answer was “founders that genuinely hear other perspectives”.

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Are CPIs always the right option?

Bringing it back to first principles means to step back and ask the question ‘why’? It means creating space in the working week to think. It means starting with a blank piece of paper.

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A Day in the Life Of: Talent Resourcer

We had a quick chat with Mel Thompson, YFs Talent Resourcer here at YF, and asked her to describe her average day, the highs and lows in the world of recruitment, and most importantly, her favourite lunch choice. 

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