Finding the right model for your team

Finding the right model for your team 1

By Theadora Alexander When I visit brands, I always find it fascinating to learn about the ways in which different founders go about building their teams. Depending on the experience, the background and even the personality type, founders take wildly different paths to reach the same end goal – the right people in the right […]

Why being in demand and out of stock is not a position you want to be in

Why being in demand and out of stock is not a position you want to be in 2

By Chris Green “The soaring popularity of Veganuary has led to a raft of shortages of the UK’s biggest plant-based brands” The Grocer, Vegan brands struggling to keep up with soaring demand. The majority of the larger plant-based brands including Quorn, Linda McCartney, Fry’s and Vivera all declared out of stocks across their ranges in […]

Podcast S2.Ep.4.

Podcast S2.Ep.4. 3

In this episode, Andy speaks with former Sainsbury’s Buying Director James Bailey, the brains behind Sainsbury’s Future Brands initiative. James shares insights into the structure of retailers and the world of the busy buyer, passing on key considerations for challenger brands trying to get their attention. He discusses the evolution of Sainsbury’s Future Brands and […]

Dr Wills – Outsourced Logistics

Dr Wills - Outsourced Logistics 4

Dr Wills, creators of condiments with no refined sugar, additives or preservatives, wanted to streamline their business – they wanted to keep the Founders, Sales and Marketing in-house and outsource other areas for a lean business model.

Native Snacks – Manufacturing Agreement

Native Snacks - Manufacturing Agreement 5

Native Snacks, creators of popped lotus seed snacks, had been in discussions with their manufacturer and completed some initial test productions for the launch of their core plant-based product.

Build big bold businesses that drive change

Build big bold businesses that drive change 6

Consumerism has changed for good and it has changed for the better. The conscious consumer demands that brands show more integrity and authenticity in their approach to business and they want to engage with them in both online and offline worlds. The ever-evolving demands of the consumer have influence mass changes in the consumer goods […]

Biff’s – Raising Investment

Biff's - Raising Investment 7

Biff’s is a vegan comfort food brand led by an award-winning management team that had gained significant traction with their jackfruit burgers and jackfruit wings within the first 18 months of launching.

The Urban Fermentery – Commercial Strategy

The Urban Fermentery - Commercial Strategy 8

The Urban Fermentery, producers of vegan and gluten-free Kimchis and Hot sauces, were recently launched when the Founder sought our advice on which channels to focus on and what kind of commercial structure to pursue.

PROPER – Bespoke Excel Training

PROPER - Bespoke Excel Training 10

PROPER, makers of PROPERCORN and PROPERCHIPS, were growing and hiring rapidly when we spoke with them. During a discussion with the company we unpicked their team development goals and identified a need for the team to gain efficiency.

Olly’s Olives – Export Strategy

Olly's Olives - Export Strategy 11

Olly’s Olives, producers of olive snack pouches, had been successful in the UK market, with their products being sold in the major multiples as well as on Virgin Trains, EuroStar and EasyJet.

2020 Food & Drink Trends

2020 Food & Drink Trends 12

January has come around quickly, and with it comes the predictions for the top food & drink trends of 2020. This year will see a continuation of the big trends of 2019 including plant-based products, sustainability and ‘better for you’ eating. Plus predictions show a bigger offering in the low and no alcohol category and […]

Oppo – Field Compliance

Oppo - Field Compliance 13

Oppo, producers of healthier ice creams and puddings, had a successful launch into Sainsbury’s, but had now found themselves in a fiercely competitive category.

OGGS® – Outsourced Logistics

OGGS® - Outsourced Logistics 14

OGGS®, first to market producers of delicious cakes made using aquafaba, a vegan egg substitute, were aiming to launch into major retail.

Soda Folk – Hiring a Managing Director

Soda Folk - Hiring a Managing Director 16

Soda Folk, an all-natural American craft soda brand, was in a stage of high-growth. However, with the founder based in the US, they needed an MD with experience in the UK FMCG industry to help steer the ship.

How to build a business, not just a brand

How to build a business, not just a brand 17

Building a business is very different to building a brand. These two things are too often thought of in isolation, but the latter cannot happen at scale without business foundations, and the former benefits immeasurably from latter. What is a brand? Each brand has their own unique DNA. In the world of consumer, this DNA is developed and […]

Dosiy & Dam – Supply Chain Growth Audit

Dosiy & Dam - Supply Chain Growth Audit 18

Doisy and Dam (“D&D”), creators of chocolate treats with the best ingredients and ethics, were investing heavily in refreshing their brand and launching an entire new range of products in keeping with their new brand positioning.