A Day in the Life Of: Senior Talent Operations Manager

Jamie Cameron

“I am genuinely interested in the challenger brand space so the fact I get to speak directly to founders in the FMCG industry is amazing. Hearing about their journeys and learning of their experiences is truly a unique opportunity.”


We had a quick chat with Jamie Cameron, YFs Senior Talent Operations Manager here at YF, and asked him to describe his average day, the highs and lows in the world of recruitment, and most importantly, his favourite lunch choice. 

Tell us about your career journey prior to joining YF

Believe it or not, my first role out of university was in the recycling / packaging industry where I worked in a Sales & Marketing position. Prior to YF, I worked at a larger recruitment company based in Melbourne where I specialised in the FMCG industry for six years.

When I relocated back to the UK I wanted to continue working in this space, so when I found the role at YF it was a no-brainer that I would work in a tightly knit team that were passionate about helping SME food & beverage brands. 

What do people think you do as a Senior Talent Operations Manager?

I think when people see the word ‘talent’ they assume we just speak to candidates all day and match them to jobs – there’s certainly a lot more to the job than that. 

What do you actually do as a Senior Talent Operations Manager?

I spend a lot of my week meeting with founders and leaders within the FMCG industry, chatting through their hiring plans and discussing how we can help them to scale their business.

On top of that, I am constantly networking with the best finance and operations talent in our industry in order to make sure when a brand reaches out to work with us, I always have a pool of super star candidates that I can put forward.

Internally, I also lead on improving our processes by identifying new tech / systems to make our jobs easier and therefore become more efficient for those we work with.

What is your morning routine?

When working from home I’ll get up and walk to my favourite local coffee shop in Peckham – Nola. I am a self-confessed coffee snob and I rate their coffee very highly – go check it out and support local businesses! I will then walk around Peckham Rye (weather permitting…) before settling down for the morning.

When working from the office, I will cycle in now it’s lighter in the morning. I love getting outside first thing (despite my chain coming off three times on my first commute). The best coffee spot near our office in Vauxhall is District, which reminds me of the cafes I used to frequent in my six years living in Melbourne.

I will plan my day around my brand meetings and the most time-critical roles I need to work on. My day consists of virtual / in person meetings with brands and virtual calls with candidates. I will then spend around 10-20% of my day dedicated to innovation and improving our systems / ways of working.

What does your usual lunch look like?

Well, I receive a lot of a slack for my lunch at work as it is pretty much always chicken and rice, which arguably is a bit bland but does the job. When working from home I usually have my leftovers from the night before.

What is your favourite part of your role?

I am genuinely interested in the challenger brand space so the fact I get to speak directly to founders in the FMCG industry is amazing. Hearing about their journeys and learning of their experiences is truly a unique opportunity.

What do you find most challenging?

There are many challenges in our role which is what keeps it exciting. I suppose my biggest challenge, and subsequently learning, from working in recruitment is that you can only control the controllable – lots of things will change / go wrong but you can’t get bogged down with things outside of your control. 

What skills do you need to be a recruiter at YF?

Definitely having a passion for the FMCG industry – understanding why these brands exist and what their goals are is super important. Outside of that I believe it comes down to being a good listener, being inquisitive and understanding how best to use the information you have.

What is different about working at YF?

You get lots of exposure to other business units. This means you hear all about the brands’ needs and challenges in other areas such as Supply Chain, Commercial / Trading and Training which typical recruitment agencies don’t offer.

What attributes are you looking for in a new team member?

Always a passion for the challenger brand space, an inquisitive mind and the ability to listen.

Fancy joining us?

It is a very busy and exciting time for the Recruitment Team at Young Foodies.

We are on track to double the size of the recruitment business this year due to a high volume of incoming roles. So we are looking to scale our team significantly over the coming months.

Take a look at our current vacancy here or alternatively you can view the live roles our brands are looking for here. 

Build your senior team with us

We excel at headhunting the right leadership hires

The process of recruiting your CEO, Managing Director, or function Directors is one of the most important and emotional decisions in the business. 

Our recruitment team work closely with you to understand your leadership requirement and then use our network and deep knowledge of the market to find the perfect person through active searching and headhunting.

A Day in the Life Of: Senior Talent Operations Manager 1

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