Getting the retailer to yes
About the course

This 3-day intensive sales programme is all about getting buyers to say yes. It is hosted by seasoned experts from across the industry and they will inject knowledge, confidence and good practice into your teams so you can feel truly armed for the big meetings in the pipeline.

This course has received 10 / 10 from every single previous attendee.
Who is the course for?

We recommend this for anyone involved in retailer pitches (founders, sales and marketing) as a way of focusing and preparing them ahead of the major range review windows. All levels of experience would benefit from this programme.
What will I learn?

Pre-work: we have 4 modules of prep work to bring everyone up to speed and so you can familiarise yourself with some of the programme principles ahead of the big 3 days.

Day 1: Prepare the Sell: by the end you will understand how to build a compelling presentation.

Day 2: Negotiate the Sell: by the end you will know your negotiating parameters and have a negotiation plan.

Day 3: Practice practice practice: by the end you will have tested your skills and proposition in a ‘real-life’ practice session and you will have a personal action plan to take away.

After the training: Take away our checklists and templates to make your sales process easier and stay in touch with one of our trainers for your big pitches.

Who teaches this class?

This programme is run by Helen Bryant – ex commercial director at Britvic, with the negotiation training coming from Alan Thomson – ex Business Unit Director for Commercial Brands at The Gap Partnership. It is all brought together by our commercial lead, Sam Akinluyi who was the Grocery Sales Director at Mars.