Time control for FMCG
About the course

Do you ever get the feeling that the day has ended and you’ve got nothing to show for it? Successful mastery of your time can drastically improve the output of a team of people – something every small business needs.

Over this three-part course, we teach you how to manage your time effectively and get the most value out of every day.
Who is the course for?

Attend this course if:

You work in FMCG
You work in a start-up
You feel like you should get more from your time
What will I learn?

We cover prioritisation, self-discipline, managing stress, delegating effectively and planning your time – all taking into account the tasks and realities of working in a fast-paced start-up in our space.

You will come away with some tried and tested techniques to become a power-house of efficiency and effectiveness.
Who teaches this class?

This class is taught by Theadora Alexander, founder of Young Foodies. Thea strives for efficiency and effectiveness in every hour she spends. This course was built using a combination of best practice from across the industry and beyond.