How we are helping during COVID-19

We are driving Community collaboration, representing your voice to industry and Government, and adapting our Services to optimise how we support.

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We are here to help

A message from our founders

At Young Foodies, we are on a mission to empower the brands of tomorrow to thrive and accelerate progress in the FMCG industry.

As we all continue to be disrupted by the COVID-19 outbreak, the full power of our Community and the value in collaboration has never been more clear. For that reason, we are stepping up our support for our Community of challenger brands.

In representing the voice of over 1,000 FMCG SMEs we have written an open letter to the Prime Minister in response to issues raised with the Government plans for support. You can read it here.

We know that SMEs can survive this turbulent period, but only if the industry and brands work together. We look forward to continuing collaborating with the industry and working with you all as the situation evolves, and finding the opportunities for innovation and progress.

Best wishes,

Chris & Thea

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The Community is coming together

The need for challenger brands to come together has never been greater. We are facilitating this with regular and relevant webinars, filtering and sharing industry analysis and insight, and lobbying the industry and Government bodies to represent our brands needs in these challenging times.

To ensure our efforts, and yours, are put to maximise use our Community will remain open to applications from new brands going forward.

For more information on how we are helping the Community come together, read below.

Hundreds of founders and leaders in the YF Community are attending our regular morning webinars to share insights, experiences and resources at a time when it makes more sense than ever to collaborate.

These include a twice-weekly webinar with Founders and Leaders, as well as weekly webinars for team members across Finance, Supply Chain, Sales and Marketing.

We are continuing to adapt our regular Community events, making them available as webinars and ensuring the topics are relevant for current needs. Recent events include:

  • A webinar with Groceries Code Adjudicator, Christine Tacon, discussing our brands’ rights under GSCOP Legislation and answering questions around dealing with non-compliant retailers, especially during this high-pressure period.
  • A webinar with Department for International Trade, Angus Murray on optimising export business.

Our community has never been more valuable, and pulling together has never been more important.

We are representing the voice of our Community to industry and Government bodies. By collaborating across the trade press and directly linking with DEFRA to escalate issues, we are ensuring the collective needs and individual challenges are well represented.

We are also running surveys across our brands and using the results to advocate for what our community needs most right now:

Do you have a story to share and would like us to help amplify?

We are keeping the Community application window open throughout the month for brands wanting to benefit from the Community initiatives currently underway.


An update on our Services

We are continuing to prioritise quality and level of service across all areas. Whilst many brands are facing challenges, not least a knock of confidence, many are seeing the opportunities through this situation and are partnering with us to help capitalise on them.

Read more about how we are focusing each Service to best adapt and support brands through this time below.

Submit an enquiry via our contact form.

Keeping things moving

We are continuing to work with suppliers and customers to identify and solve sources of volatility. For those that do not use our Outsourced services, we are making additional team members available to support any near-term or interim needs, such as short term cover for current gaps in your team. We are waiving our standard onboarding charge and fast-tracking the process to get brands live quicker. If we can help cover or provide support to your team and ensure orders are fulfilled get in touch here.


Delivering change at pace

With some brands struggling to keep up with demand and others pivoting into new channels, we are already being engaged to support with projects that free up capacity and realise new opportunities. We can help with website and webshop development, systems implementation and integration with online platforms, finding and setting up fulfilment houses, and providing Director level support on larger scale operational strategies that need to be delivered at pace. Drop us an email to explore options.


Additional advice and support.

Chris, our Director of Supply Chain Services, has unlocked further resources to provide brands with advice on how to best respond to the current environment and the challenges it presents, or to work through solving a particular issue. Contact us here to schedule time.


For more information, get in touch.

We have a fantastic pool of experienced interim hires and consultants. We are focusing on solutions to cater for the needs of brands seeing exponential demand through online channels. We have sourced additional expertise in Digital Marketing, Amazon, e-commerce and social media to cater for exponential demand in this area. NPD remains a key growth lever, and if you continue to trade well in this current climate, expanding ranges and accelerating growth is a strategy being adopted by some. Let us know if you have a brief that you need support to deliver. We are continuing to fulfill your hiring needs. We are asking all our hiring managers to be prepared in the event of hiring through video interviews as the market is still moving at speed. There are still some fantastic candidates available, but they are not hanging around for long. Keep an eye on our Golden ticket updates (for Community members) if you are contemplating your next strategic hire. For more information, get in touch.

We are moving forward with our training courses.  

As isolation continues, we are working to move our training courses online, and to prioritise relevant topics, such as Digital Marketing and Amazon training. Online courses will start as of April 1st. Get in touch for more information. With more free time it’s the perfect opportunity to sharpen skills to make the most of what many are calling the new normal. For more information, view our current courses.

We are here for your Legal needs.

Brands may find themselves needing further legal support as the F&B landscape continues to change. Our legal partners are available for legal document review and on-demand legal support. We also have a range of FMCG contract templates for purchase.

For more information, get in touch.

Field Compliance visits are live again.

After a brief pause, taken to fully understand current safety guidelines, retailer needs and visit opportunities, field compliance and merchandising visits have resumed. Field representatives are fully equipped with PPE and working safely within social distancing guidelines to ensure their own safety and that of customers and store staff.

The representatives have gathered feedback to better understand how they can help brands and stores to recover and increase ROS. With this in mind, they are focusing on merchandising and replenishment and promotional support and seeing great success for brands. If you want to make sure your products are on-shelf and postponed promotions are live, get in touch.

At a time when financing is a hot topic, make sure you are working with the best partners to support during this tough time.

  • Invoice financing offers you the ability to draw down cash quickly from your issued invoices. Get in touch here for an introduction to our preferred supplier.
  • Need help with your cashflow forecasting, complicated payroll submissions, or just some sound financial advice? Our accounting partner can offer support. Get in touch for an introduction.
  • It is critical for businesses to submit their R&D tax claims as soon as possible. Our partner has already worked with a number of brands in our network and would be happy to help. Get in touch for an introduction.

For more information, get in touch.

Online guidance

Relevant and useful links

In support of the wider community, we have collected useful resources relevant to FMCG SMEs, where you can read the latest guidance or advice.

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