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Podcast S2.Ep.4.

In this episode, Andy speaks with former Sainsbury’s Buying Director James Bailey, the brains behind Sainsbury’s Future Brands initiative. James

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Case Studies

Dr Wills – Outsourced Logistics

Dr Wills, creators of condiments with no refined sugar, additives or preservatives, wanted to streamline their business – they wanted to keep the Founders, Sales and Marketing in-house and outsource other areas for a lean business model.

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Insights 9
Case Studies

Native Snacks – Manufacturing Agreement

Native Snacks, creators of popped lotus seed snacks, had been in discussions with their manufacturer and completed some initial test productions for the launch of their core plant-based product.

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Case Studies

Biff’s – Raising Investment

Biff’s is a vegan comfort food brand led by an award-winning management team that had gained significant traction with their jackfruit burgers and jackfruit wings within the first 18 months of launching.

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Case Studies

The Urban Fermentery – Commercial Strategy

The Urban Fermentery, producers of vegan and gluten-free Kimchis and Hot sauces, were recently launched when the Founder sought our advice on which channels to focus on and what kind of commercial structure to pursue.

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