How OGGS® exploded out of the gates on launch

With huge ambitions as a brand, Oggs did not want to leave anything to chance.


A truly different type of egg

OGGS®, at the time a Stage 1 brand, was the first to market in the UK producing delicious cakes made using aquafaba, a vegan egg substitute. They now have a range spanning multiple categories. The founders and management of the business were not from FMCG backgrounds but were serious about expanding quickly. 

When they approached YF for support, they had won listings in Waitrose and Sainsbury’s which the founders wanted to be 100% confident in launching, especially operationally. They had fantastic investors and advisors behind the business who had stressed the importance of overinvesting in the supply chain early on. ‘We don’t want to take any chances’.


How OGGS® exploded out of the gates on launch 1

Getting everything ready for expansion

Oggs engaged us to do a full audit of their supply chain, identifying risks and delivering projects to mitigate them. The primary focus area was demand planning and effective production management to ensure they could balance stock levels with working capital control.

Once they could be confident in their systems, they asked our team to support in a retained capacity to manage it everyday to give them confidence in a 100% OTIF.


One of the most successful launches of the year

We are proud have seen OGGS® as one of the most successful launches of 2019, considerably outperforming their hurdles. The business grew faster than we could have imagined however, because of the commercial proactiveness of the leadership, the supply chain was able to deliver in full and maintain best-in-class supplier relationships throughout.


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I just wanted to say the hugest thanks for your support. I couldn’t feel in better hands and I so appreciate your time and expertise. It’s so comforting to be working with you guys and I really feel like you are going the extra mile for us. I hope you know just how much it means and how grateful we are.”

Polly Mason

We loved working with the OGGS team to ensure a successful expansion from Stage 1 to Stage 2. The leadership team trusted us to advise them on the right infrastructure and then build it. I am pleased to say it has paid off and, even with a bigger launch than originally expected, we were able to deliver a stress-free operation, leaving the founders to focus on growth.

YF Project Team

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