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We implement technology and systems to drive profitability, scalability and quality control in challenger brands.

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Automate your business

Specialists in system implementations

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Supply Chain systems

  • Most popular projects include EDI and inventory management system implementation and configuration
  • Advanced experience in DEAR, Unleashed, Mintsoft and more
  • Projects range from 4-12 weeks
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ERP systems & integrations

  • Experience includes SAP, Navision, Microsoft Dynamix, Xero and more
  • Scoping to go-live can range from 3-12 months depending on the size of project
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System audits and solutions

  • Audit for automation opportunities
  • From needs mapping to implementation and go-live
  • Recent projects include HR, CRM systems
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Excel Modelling

  • Bespoke Excel builds, Excel-based programmes and Google Drive based programmes
  • Most popular models include demand planning and forecasting models, cashflow & P&L modelling, and reporting automation.
  • We have created several ‘off-the-shelf’ tools and templates specifically for FMCG challengers – view them here.

Uniquely positioned

We understand how to run consumer businesses

Experienced and proven

We have a proven track record of seamless go-lives and delivering on efficiency promises for brands of all sizes.

Technical team with development capability

Our team are experienced in project management, system design, process automation and have development capability.

Deep understanding of system architecture

We know all the most popular systems in the industry and understand their strengths, weaknesses, hacks and configuration limits.

Relationships with systems providers

We have relationships and discounts with the major system providers so we can request changes, and long term improvements for our brands.

Practical and commercial

Systems can get incredibly costly very quickly. We are highly commercial and apply a ROI lens on everything we do.

Safe pair of hands

Hear from brands we have helped

The process is simple

How it works

Our systems builds can take anything from 2 weeks to 12 months depending on the scale, bespoking and third party involvement. We recommend you bring us in as early as possible into the process to minimise time or budget leakage.


Establish your requirements


Briefing call


Scoping & Proposal


Design & Implementation


Go-live & support

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Pricing is based on a project fee, and completely depends on the scope and complexity. Community members enjoy additional benefits.

If you’d like to work with us to support your technology and system needs, complete this form and one of the team will shortly be in touch.


Technology & Systems


How do you price your systems projects?

Pricing depends on the size of system, functionality and bespoking time. We always aim to give a realistic cost estimate before any work begins, and will make clear any changes to this throughout.

What if I'm not sure what I actually need?

We can help you more in the scoping and requirements definition stage, to work with you, your team or your partners to ensure clarity on what’s needed.

What if I don't have the budget for a cloud system?

If you do not feel ready to commit to a large cost, we would recommend some robust Excel models, depending on your needs. We can support in the design, implementation and maintenance of these tools.

How much time will you need from me for the project?

This depends, but most importantly we need your input during scoping to ensure we have considered everything and truly understand your needs. Then we may need you to make key decisions throughout the process as they arise.

What if my needs change during the project?

We start out with a clear scope that we ask you to sign-off. If this changes, we do our best to adapt flexibly while remaining transparent on the ramifications on timeline and budget. 

We already use a system, can you make it work better for us?

Yes, we can conduct an audit on how you have configured or are using a system and give you change recommendations. 

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