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We recruit smart, entrepreneurial and hungry entry-level and junior talent.

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Find Superstars THROUGH US

Helping brands to hire the best junior talent

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Entry-level Hiring

  • Specialist search for candidates with up to 2 years experience
  • We primarily focus on London-based roles for high-growth FMCG brands
  • Fees for placement depend on annual salary
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Graduate Programme

  • A training and assessment programme for top graduate talent
  • An opportunity for brands to interview and assess trained graduate talent
  • Next programme dates TBC

the route into challenger

Trust in our experience

Understand what challengers need

We know it takes a certain type of person to thrive in a challenger brand. We cut through the thousands to find the one.

Grad & University relationships

We have fostered relationships with the leading universities to ensure our applicants are the best out there.

Vetted and
approved talent

All CVs shared have been interviewed and approved by a member of the team.

Quick response time

We move quickly after brief as we know that our brands are usually looking for someone to start as soon as possible.

People trust us

Hear from those we have helped

The process is simple

How it works

Our hiring processes last 2-3 weeks and we recommend the process involves one telephone interview, one face to face interview with a task, and then a final round interview. For internships, one interview will generally suffice.


Send job spec


Briefing call


CVs sent




Offer & onboard

here to help you

Meet some of the team

If you would like any help or support with your graduate and junior talent recruitment process, please book an appointment with Emma or fill in the form below.

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Emma Salah

Junior & Graduates

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Mel Thompson

Talent Resourcer

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Work with us

If you would like to work with us, complete this form and one of the team will shortly be in touch.


Graduate Recruitment


How do you find your graduates?

We have fantastic relationships with universities, education institutions, student ambassador schemes, and more to ensure we’re always plugged into what’s happening on campus. We use a combination of relationships and active search to make sure we always find the best.

I just want a generalist - can you help with that?

It’s very common to look for a general doer when you are first building your team – someone that can sample one day, field sell the next and run your instagram on day 3. We have a lot of experience hiring these people however we will always ask that brand owners consider the long term career progression.

What if i'm looking for someone with a bit of experience?

We hire up to 2 years experience in the Graduate Recruitment team – anything more experience is best sitting with our Senior Recruitment or Exec Search colleagues. If you’re looking for someone with a year or 2 of experience, you have come to the right place.

What if we hire through you and then they leave?

This is a rare occurrence but if the new hire leaves after a short period of time in role, we will provide you with a refund. All of this is detailed in our Ts&Cs.

How much should I be paying my graduates?

This depends a lot on the role and location of the job however we are very happy to advise you on salary benchmarks to ensure your role is competitive.

Do you offer a referral if we know a superstar?

Absolutely. You will personally earn £250 if you refer a great person that we find a job.

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