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Created with challenger brands in mind and led by hand-picked industry experts, our online-training programmes are designed to give you and your team the tools you need to propel your business, and yourselves, to excellence.

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Built for challenger brands

Why invest in your team's learning?

Fill in your skills gaps

Whether a Founder wearing multiple hats or a junior employee that would benefit from upskilling in their craft capabilities, you can select a course for every skills gap.

Team motivation and support

Keep motivation and enthusiasm high by showing your dedication to your team's learning and development.

Confidence and validation

Learn from hand-picked industry experts and apply your learnings instantly and confidently into daily tasks and wider business objectives.

Subscribe, one-off places or private courses

Which model is right for you?

Subscribe to 12 months of Training

Unlock value for your whole team at an unbeatable cost with unlimited access to our 2022 training courses.

The subscription provides unlimited access to 38 training courses across a series of disciplines enabling you to cater to your team’s unique L&D and training needs whilst aligning with your goals for the year.

Purchase One-Off Courses

Whether you need a marketing masterclass, or are aiming for excel-excellence, you can purchase any of our training courses on a one-off basis.

We have something to suit every business need, and you can browse courses by:

Supply Chain

Private & In-house Training

Whether there is a key focus area for your business this year or you have identified skills gaps in a large number of your team, private training courses allow your team to learn together in an exclusive environment.

Courses can be designed with your brand and specific learning objectives in mind or you can pick one of our 5* star courses off the shelf to be conducted privately to any number of your team.


Download our 2022 training calendar & training matrix

It is hard to know what training your team needs and when, let alone finding or formulating the right L&D programme that will benefit everyone.

That is why we have created a bespoke plan for you, broken down by role and seniority, to help you conduct a skills gap analysis.

The training calendar then gives you an easy way to plan your team’s training journey for the year.


COurses designed to develop your whole team

Our 2022 Curriculum

Browse our individual courses below, or get in touch for private training bespoke for your team.

Looking for a calendar of courses? Scroll up to download.

Core Courses

Relevant to everyone


Excel to Advanced

Time Management

Effective Working

Negotiation to Advanced

Personal Power and Influence 

Unconscious Bias

Confident Communication for Women

and more…

Craft Courses

Role specific skills

Sales Training

SEO and Digital Marketing

Supply Chain Demand Planning

Export: Working with Distributors

Quality Management

Category Management

Shopper Marketing

Amazon, Shopify and E-Commerce

and more…

Looking for a private course for your team?

Rated 5 stars Across the board

Hear from your peers...

Get in Touch

Want private Training for your team?

You can book individual courses directly online. Please enquire for private courses or unlimited training pricing.

– Private courses are priced on the scope, length and course content.

– Unlimited team training is priced on the size of you team.

– Community members enjoy additional benefits on all courses.


Why train your team with YF?

What does unlimited team training entail?

Unlimited access for 12 months to over 29 subject areas and 37 courses with a personal learning and development plan for your team. This amounts to £25k worth of formal training per employee. Ask us for a quote to get started.

Can you create private courses just for our team?

We have over 30 courses available in our curriculum and all of these can be adapted for private courses or just run as they are privately. Private courses can be face to face as well as digital. For a quote, just get in touch.

What is the most cost effective way of buying training?

If you would like to attend multiple courses, you would be better off purchasing our Unlimited bundle. This gives you a significant discount on the face value of the courses.

What budget should we allocate to learning & development?

We see different brands operate budgets differently – some allocate a value per head (e.g £1-2,000 per head per year); others allocate a % salaries (e.g 5% of annual salaries as a pot). Either way, most brands will budget for some spend. We can then work with founders to ensure they are divvying up the spend in the best way to serve the needs of the business and the team members.

How can we trust that the courses are worth the money?

We know it can be hard to spend on an unknown but this is why we ask for testimonials from previous attendees. We have never had a person attend a YF training course and not give it a 5 star rating and are incredibly proud of the quality we curate.

What if I spend money on training someone and they leave the business?

What if you do not train someone and they stay in your business? We are big believers that employers have a responsibility to enable their employees to be successful in their roles – ‘learning on the job’ is great but will always come with it risk, missed best practice and often wasted time and money.

Why should I invest in my team?

Your team are the difference between success and failure of your business. Not only is it critical that they are actually capable of delivering the ambitions you have for the business, but we need to ensure they feel supported and developed by their employer. Brands that do not invest in the development of their team will not attract and retain the best talent.

Are the courses face to face or online?

After the success of our online training courses in 2020 and fantastic feedback from attendees, we have moved all Young Foodies training online. This means less time travelling and more time learning. Plus it allows people all over the world to benefit from our learning.

We have a big team - what is the best way to work with you?

If you are looking for a full L&D solution for your big team, get in touch as we have a number of total team packages that makes learning and development fun, affordable and embedded into your company culture.

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