S2 Ep2: Lessons Learnt with Pudology’s Former Founder Lucy Orton

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Lessons learnt with Pudology’s former Founder Lucy Orton.

In this episode, Chris & Andy speak to Lucy Orton, former founder of Pudology. Lucy shares with us the highs and lows of her journey with Pudology, from the excitement of winning new listings to the issues that ultimately resulted in the closure of the business in October 2019, and what she would do differently if she could do it all again.

Young Foodies is the leading voice of challenger food & drink brands in the UK. With a blend of industry news, feature interviews, brand spotlights and maybe the occasional ranty moment, we’re looking to provide a positive, energetic (but always realistic) view on the life of food entrepreneurs and those who are bonkers/brave enough to join them on the journey.

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Annual Business Planning

Are you ready for annual business planning?

Annual business planning is the 1-2 month process that results in a road map for a company and its employees. It contains milestones that carry the plan forward through a series of smaller goals that lead to a broader vision of where the business aims to be by the end of the year.

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