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We deliver advice and reviews to ensure your product is compliant and shelf-ready according to the latest food and beverage legislation.

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Giving peace of mind

Experts to ensure your labels are compliant

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Label Checks

  • Full label assessment against current legislation and regulations to ensure that your labels are compliant and shelf ready for the UK market
  • Protection of brand identity and marketing messages
  • Note, we do not provide label checking services for food supplements
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Label Translation

  • Translation of labels to ensure that they are linguistically correct and adapted to the local market
  • Legal compliance checks against local legislation

confidence in our Knowledge

Our experts give you peace of mind

Knowledge of the latest legislation

We know the legislation inside out and understand the interpretation from trading standards so you can feel confident in our advice.

Respect for your Brand

We will work with you to ensure your brand identity remains intact in the process of becoming compliant.

Quick and timely turnaround

We can complete checks in just 48 hours if there is an expedited requirement.

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Choose your level of service…

Label Check

  • A label review with recommendations for compliancy.
  • No follow-up checks or reviews
  • After we have given our advice, we can re-check your labels for £50 each time

Label Check PLUS

  • A label review with unlimited follow-up checks to ensure we get your labels right and have ultimate sign-off
  • We don’t just review and give recommendations – we work closely with you to ensure the pack is optimised
  • We also take the risk on our advice

…and your turnaround time


  • Standard turnaround time is 5 working days after you provide the information


  • Express turnaround time is 48 hours after you provide the information
  • This has a 50% surcharge

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Label checking starts at £100 + VAT. Label translations depend on the language and number of words. Community members enjoy additional benefits.

To speak to one of the team, complete this form and we will be in touch.


Label Compliance


How long does a label check take?

We understand our brands like to work quickly. We will turnaround a label check within five working days. If you need a check urgently, we can turn it around within 48 hours at an additonal cost. 

For label translation, this will depend on the word count of your label and the language we are translating the label into.

What information do you need from me for a label check?

For label compliance, we need full ingredient details and descriptions, allergens, nutritional certificate and any other raw material specifications. We may also ask for additional documentation from suppliers. 

For translating a label, we will need the label information and file. If you would like us to translate the label and typeset it in the graphic file, we will need the compatible artwork file as well.

When you review the label can you also update the artwork?

Unfortunately, we cannot help you with the design and any graphical changes. We will send you a report of recommends and changes that need to be made. It is then up to you to make any necessary changes. 

Can I change the product after the label has been checked?

Once the label has been checked, you must be very careful about making any changes to the product, such as the recipe, manufacturing process or location, as this might deem the label non-compliant again. Please reach out and we will advise on your specific case. 

Can you re-check my label?

Yes we certainly can. We are happy to work with you until you are 100% confident.

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