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We provide advice to ensure that your product and supply chain complies are setup for consistent safety and quality.

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Quality Compliance

  • Advice on quality control and consistency
  • Creation of Quality Management Systems. (QMS) for use internally and with your factory.
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Food Safety Management

  • Deliver relevant Food Safety Management Plans such as CCPs, HACCP and allergen management.
  • Identify and minimise product recall or withdrawal risks and setup procedures.
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  • Identify and action the necessary steps to achieve site certification such as SALSA and BRC.

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We understand the accrediting bodies and food safety legislation so we can navigate the risks and priorities in a pragmatic way.

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Big companies have entire teams to ensure quality and compliance. Our compliance team act as an extension of yours.

Practical and commercial

We make changes and recommendations with a practical and commercial lens - not a bureaucratic one.

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Quality compliance


Can I change an existing HACCP Plan?

Yes, you can. HACCP plans are a reflection of what happens during product production and they are not static. If, from trial to production you have identified steps that need to be added, then the relevant changes must be made to the plan.

My manufacturing site is a small production kitchen, does this apply to me?

Yes definitely. Working in a smaller production unit has its advantages, however what you gain in faster innovation, you may lose in safety controls and legal requirements. The smaller the spaces the harder it is to correctly segregate, label and safely produce. We help identify risk areas, train team members and advise on best practices.

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