Effective Meetings : FMCG Training Course

About the course

This 2 hour course provides a deep dive into how to deliver effective meetings. It is fantastic for teams to ensure a consistent, effective and high quality use of meeting time.

The course covers

  • The Role of Meetings
  • Good & Bad Meetings
  • Effective planning for meetings
  • Agendas
  • Starting the meeting well
  • Chairing the Meeting
  • Minutes & Follow Ups

The Trainer

The trainer of this course is Kat Searson, founder of Tula, workplace wellbeing consultancy & collective. Tula was born from the recognition that our approach to stress in the West is often reactive, and symptomatic, rather than preventative. Her team includes a range of experts; from neuroscientists, to psychiatrists, nutritional therapists, to GB athletes – offering a holistic grounding to support stress proactively.

Prior to launching Tula, Kat spent a decade of her career in people development roles, with the likes of innocent drinks and Red Bull, and then consulting across industries; including small food and drinks brands like Rebel Kitchen. She’s a trained transformative coach, former HR Director, and yoga teacher. Having worked in startups, and now running her own business, she’s passionate about sharing tools and training with fellow small businesses, who often miss out on this good stuff. YF’s mission to make the small mighty is something she’s grateful to get behind.

Designed for

We recommend this course for all team members.


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