Finance Training (for non-finance team) : FMCG Training Course

About the course

This 2 x half day course is designed for all non-finance managers handling P&Ls or budgets.

The course covers:

  • Money flows and the 3 financial statements
  • Traditional consumer goods P&Ls
  • Key ratios for consumer goods
  • Understanding the importance of cash and our influence over it
  • Principles of VAT
  • Forecasting and its importance
  • How to manage a budget

Delegates will take away an introductory understanding and appreciation of the 3 financial statements, important accounting concepts and ratios, and the key factors they must consider when handling business money.

Our Finance course is taught by Anna who has been a finance expert in the food, drink and hospitality world for over 15 years with an expertise of partnering Sales, Marketing and Supply Chain teams with finance and strategy support. From driving new product launches to training Marketing and Sales teams on finance to modeling sales negotiations, Anna has a passion for seeing business grow and develop, and has put that into practice at top companies such as Unilever, Asahi, SAB Miller, Royal Caribbean Cruises, Mondelez and Alliance Capital.

Designed for

We highly recommend that anyone handling a P&L has this level of financial education.



All our training is digitally held.



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