Google Advertising: FMCG Training Course

About the course

When managed correctly, Google advertising can be one of the best ways to invest your marketing budget. Our 2 x half day intensive Google Ads training will give you confidence when spending money with Google and help you understand the tactics and measures for success.

  • Feel confidence in your ROAS numbers
  • Understand how to influence success
  • Gain control over your spend


  • Feel confidence in your ROAS numbers
  • Understand how to influence success
  • Gain control over your spend

The course covers

  • Google Ads structure
  • Introduction to Google Shopping
  • Dynamic Search Ads
  • Audience types and targeting
  • Bid strategies
  • Keyword planning and strategy
  • Listing keywords and negative keywords
  • Ranking and bidding
  • Remarketing
  • A/B Testing
  • Site Tags
  • Google Shopping


Before taking this course, please make sure you have set your Google Ads account up

Designed for

We recommend this course for anyone spending money on Google and who already have a Google Ads account set up.

Meet the trainer

Your trainer for this course is Thuha Wright. Thuha has been working with Google Ads since 2006. She has worked both agency and client side, with small and large businesses so she understands the challenges businesses have with allocating the right ad budgets and getting more value for their budget. What makes Thuha tick is her love of data and she uses this to build successful Google Ads campaigns.


Hear from your peers…

 “This was really helpful in getting me started on google ads. I started with no prior knowledge and now feel like I have a good overview to get me started.”


“it was very helpful for someone who is not an expert in the subject to just grasp way more what the google ads space is”



All our training is digitally held.



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