Introduction to Marketing Principles: FMCG Training Course

About the course

It is all too common in challenger brands for marketing to start with social media, trade shows and sampling sessions. But there is a whole spectrum of marketing out there and spending money for your brand must come with a full appreciation of commercial return on investment. 

Over these 2 half days delegates will learn the key concepts, tools and techniques of marketing in the FMCG space, equipping them with the tools they need to start effectively marketing their business and product.


  • Be able to apply your learnings to your own business
  • Increase your ROI
  • Build a culture of reporting and results
  • Be able to use omnichannel marketing to plan and execute effective campaigns
  • Stand out from the 99% of challenger brands without a competitive marketing strategy
  • Be able to know your current and target audiences
  • Understand why market research and strategy are key in terms of marketing your business and product

This course covers

  • FMCG Marketing Theory
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Mix (Offline and Online)
  • Market Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Understanding the Marketing Landscape
  • Ethical and legally compliant marketing
  • Measuring effectiveness of campaigns and reporting
  • Practical planning and implementation
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty

Designed for

This course has been designed for those who are new to FMCG marketing or those who are looking to improve their commercial marketing strategy.

Whether you’re a 1 person brand looking to find your way in the marketing maze, or a growing brand looking to build your team, this course will help you to start your journey to making your marketing more effective, efficient and intelligent.

Meet the trainer

Natalie Arney is a Digital Marketing Consultant with over 10 years experience (and 7 years working in SEO).

Although SEO, Content Marketing and Digital PR are her bread and (vegan) butter, she is also skilled and experienced in PPC, Paid Social and Email Marketing, alongside general Digital – and offline – Marketing.

Through her marketing career she has worked agency side, alongside working in house, where she ran the Marketing & Customer Acquisition department at a travel company. Now that she’s freelance, she enjoys working with passionate and purpose-led businesses that align with her own life views.


All of our training is hosted live on Zoom.



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