Supply Chain Demand Planning: FMCG Training Course

About the course

Forecasting is the single biggest source of issues in challenger supply chains. Produce too much and you waste away your profitability; produce too little and you choke growth and frustrate your customers. Over 2 x half days, this programme will give you a strong understanding of forecasting and demand planning best practices.


  • Deliver more accurate forecasts
  • Work better with your customers
  • Improve your profitability
  • Improve your OTIF

This course covers

  • Rolling forecasts 
  • Forecast variances 
  • Forecasting accuracy methods
  • Demand planning 
  • Dependant and independent demand

Designed for

Anyone working in Supply Chain functions and responsible for their business’s demand planning

Hear from your peers…

 “The Supply Chain Fundamentals course was a great dive on supply chain set up, its challenges and risks as well as what we can do to minimise any issues, and the processes and procedures a small business should have in place. It has also been a reminder that supply chain is constantly moving and needs to be reviewed, and made more efficient, and that there are key strategies/stages that can make it much more effective. Would highly recommend this training!”


“As someone relatively new to supply chain, this course gave me the principles of what a good supply chain should look like and how best to manage it. I would recommend it for someone starting out like me but also for anyone managing massive supply chains for big F&B organisations.”


“The course was highly engaging and exceptionally relevant to the challenges we face on a day to day. I have been equipped with tools and information that I can act on straight away.”


“Great overview of supply chain. Good balance of different speakers along with interactive tasks.”



All of our training is hosted live on Zoom.



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