Unconscious Bias: FMCG Training Course

About the course

Unconscious Bias training exists to identify, challenge, and reduce unconscious bias in your businesses. It is widely held that workplaces with less bias tend to cultivate fairer, more diverse, and more successful cultures. Demonstrate your commitment to change and spark a transformation in your team today by deeply understanding biases that exist and establishing personalised action plans to change habits and behaviours.


  • Have a more conscious team
  • Create a fairer place to work
  • Demonstrate you are serious about diversity

The course covers

  • What is unconscious bias, and why do we all have it?
  • The different types of unconscious bias
  • Impact of unconscious bias on yourself, others and organisations
  • When biases are likely to show up in us
  • Tactics for tackling bias

Designed for

This course is designed for your whole team and is applicable to everyone in your business.

Meet the trainer

Minesh has been a L&D professional for 15 years, helping people grow across all levels and at organisations ranging from the NHS to Innocent. After covering subjects such as leadership and management, talent, mentoring and cultural change, Minesh turned his focus to his main passion: diversity and inclusion. Experiencing discrimination first hand Minesh harnesses these personal and professional experiences to help others learn. From unconscious bias, self awareness, inclusion, psychological safety and being a brilliant ally, Minesh teaches wearing his heart on his sleeve, and cultivates trust and honesty in his sessions for you to do the same.



Hear from your peers…

“Minesh managed and presented the course beautifully – I’d highly recommend this lecture to anyone who’s willing to take that step to becoming a part and creating a better world.”


“This is a really valuable session, particularly for business leaders open to looking at their own behaviour and improving the culture within their team.”


“Minesh was a really great trainer and very engaging with all participants. He adapted the course to our needs and what we were hoping to get out of the session which was really helpful and it allowed us all to come away knowing we had learnt something new!”


“Really thought provoking and exciting. Felt very honest. Would definitely recommend.”



All our training is digitally held.



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