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We provide tactical field solutions to optimise your presence on-shelf and drive rate-of-sale, with UK national coverage of all major retailers and outlets.

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Optimise listings through us

Retailer presence for every need

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Solus Visits

  • Target your key stores to increase visibility, availability and sales
  • Merchandising, POS activation and mystery shopping
  • Full report suite including SKU availability, compliance, interventions and feedback
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Syndicated Visits

  • Coordinated compliance activities between several brands
  • Shared cost and time in-store 
  • National coverage with savings of up to 75%
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Data-led Impact Visits

  • Track, analyse and predict which stores present the best opportunity for visits
  • We overlay historical data with your sales information to maximise ROI on visits

Experts in field compliance

Designed for challenger brand field compliance needs

National Coverage

Our partners cover the entire UK across all major retailers as well as other outlets. Our network of thousands are trained and briefed on your needs.

Store-level expertise

We work with experts at solving store level issues and can help you identify the best stores for merchandising, promotional compliance, new product audits or POS placement.

Cost effective ROI

Our syndicated service allows you to split the cost of store visits with other brands that are ranged in similar distribution.

Speed and flexibility

We activate campaigns quickly and efficiently and provide you with a full compliance report to understand what is impacting your rate-of-sale.

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Founders trust us

Hear from brands we have helped

The process is simple

How it works

We work with you to understand where your products are stocked, what promotions are coming up and what compliance checks you need to ensure you understand your rate-of-sale.


You share your retail distribution list


We analyse the data


We visit the selected stores


We send you a report

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Field Compliance is priced on a per store basis and is determined by the retailer, the level of intervention and the syndication opportunities with other brands. Community members enjoy additional benefits.

If you have a promotional campaign coming up or just need to check whether your products are available and visible in store, complete this form detailing which retailer you are interested in and one of the team will shortly be in touch.


Field Compliance


What information do I need to send you for a field activity?

Send us list of where all of your SKUs are distributed, including the store location and address. We analyse the data against our database to design a field campaign of the optimal stores to visit and corresponding compliance checks to perform. 

How does syndication work?

After you send us your distribution list, we find other brands who are distributed in the same channels to achieve cost savings. We coordainte the syndication with all parties and provide you with a report at the end of the activity. 

What compliance interventions can you help with?

We can help with almost any compliance intervention. The high value interventions include buildling POS, making promotions compliant, correcting bookstock errors and checking promotional shelf edge assets like labels and barkers.

I am unsure which are the best stores to visit. Can you help?

If you send us your distribution list we can help you identify the best and worst performing stores to visit to give you a good sample spread across your retailers. 

What does an example report look like and what does it detail?

Our reports come in the form of a dashboard with raw data appended. If you would like to see an example, please get in touch.

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