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It is very important to have a watertight manufacturing agreement in place to govern the relationship you have with your factory.

This bundle contains:

  1. A purpose-made contract template
  2. 30 mins commercial advice from a YF Director
  3. 2 hours legal time from YF Legal

The bundle is designed to put you in the strongest possible position with your manufacturer.

The template is fairly simple but pro-brand. In order to ensure you fully understand the commercial and legal implications, you must have advisory time from us – 30 minutes with a Young Foodies Director to help you form your commercial position, and 2 hours time (advisory and drafting) of a YF Legal lawyer to ensure your commercial position is properly reflected and protected.

The template is 20-25 pages long and includes guidance comments throughout.

It covers the following topics:

  • logistics & supply
  • ordering processes
  • site and capex
  • title, risk & liability
  • product & governance
  • pricing & commercial terms
  • term & termination

It does not have any minimum volume requirements, nor any quantity thresholds. It also assumes that the manufacturer is responsible for sourcing raw materials, packaging, all equipment, tooling, etc. If anything additional is required, YF Legal can support using their included time.

Anyone setting up with a new manufacturer. If you already have a contract template, get in touch with YF legal to discuss how they can help – [email protected]

This has been created by YF Legal, specifically for UK FMCG brands.