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It is very important to have a watertight manufacturing agreement in place to govern the relationship you have with your factory.Use our questions to prepare yourself for the contract negotiation so you have your own commercial perspective on everything that will come up as discussions continue. One of our experts will then spend an hour following up with you advising you on the best practices and areas to consider.

We outline the key questions from a contract, broken out into 7 sections: Logistics and supply chain; The ordering process; Site & capex; Title, risk & liability; Product & governance; Pricing & commercial terms; Term & termination.

We outline more than 50 questions to ask yourself in preparation. Then, on the back of this, we will spend an hour with you discussing your position before you kick off negotiations. It’s worth noting that we are not lawyers so this is more commercial discussions, rather than the legal.

Anyone in the process of contract negotiation with a manufacturer and who doesn’t know where to begin in terms of preparation, and doesn’t know what good looks like.

This has been created by Young Foodies, specifically for UK FMCG brands.

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