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The purpose of this product is to keep you on top of any projects, by allowing you to log all the tasks in the project and easily see what needs to be done. It forces you into the critical habit of planning projects and keeping super clear in your mind who needs to do what and when.</div >

Ability to class a task according to priority and have the colour adjust accordingly
Ability to see task list by owner
Report on tasks to be complete in the next X days
Ability to personalise your stages and project team
Ability to classify a task as: Task, Milestone, Decision, Key meeting, Block, or Launch
Product and project managers managing 1 project with up to 6 stages and up to 8 people in the project team.
Built for NPD but can be used for any project management.</div >

This has been created by Young Foodies, specifically for UK FMCG brands.</div >

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