Growth Audit

Detailed and discrete assessment of your business to identify service quality, scalability and profitability opportunities and risks. 

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What we offer

A healthcheck review with strategic recommendations

Over 3 weeks, our experts review all data, systems, processes, and commercial agreements, across logistics, procurement, manufacturing, forecasting and people.

Through strategic advisory time and a thorough written report, you will have a clear detailed list of quick-wins and larger projects to ensure your business is set up for scale. 

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Who is it right for

Designed for brands serious about delivering growth

We know that when you are in the midst of running a business it is incredibly difficult to step back and assess whether you are future proofed.

If you are scaling at more than 30% year on year; are experiencing any supply chain or people issues; or are seeking confidence that you are set up for success, a Growth Audit is for you.

Why can we help

Giving you an actionable way forward

Benchmark against the industry

We have a unique insight into what it takes to build a successful brand and arguably more importantly, what goes consistently wrong.

Professionalise your business

As we operate to our own professional standards, we apply a completely new lens to your business and will leave you with a refreshing level of clarity.

Gain an external perspective

Benefit from our expert external perspective whilst you focus on your business as usual.

Trusted by investors, manufacturers and retailers

Investing in the audit demonstrates to your stakeholders that you are scalable.

Founders trust us

Hear from brands we have helped

The process is simple

How it works

Our Growth Audit takes 3 weeks to complete and you will come out the other side of it with complete clarity across operational risk, commercial opportunity, and business inefficiency to ensure that you are focusing on the right things.


You complete a self-assessment


We review key documents


We conduct the onsite audit


We share your report write-up


We follow-up on your progress

Get in Touch


Delivery of a Growth Audit is a fixed fee which varies depending on the size of the business and the scope of the audit. Community members enjoy additional pricing benefits.

If you would like to understand more about how we can help, complete this form and one of the team will get in touch.


Growth audit


What does the output look like?

We provide two reports; one is a summary of recommendations highlighting your ratings and our overall view of the business, and the other is a working document containing all recommended changes that you can allocate to your team to action and then use to track progress.  We would be happy to walk through some example reports with you if you get in touch. 

When is the best time to schedule this?

Timing is important to get the most value. Most brands audit pre- or immediately post-fundraise, before a major scaling event, if service is less than 99% or if costs are above industry average. We recommend that the Growth Audit is used in a proactive manner to prepare yourself for growth but it has also been used to diagnose business wide challenges as they are

What am I likely to discover by doing this activity?

We assess risk in the business, identify commercial opportunities, and highlight inefficiency. The outcome is a combination of recommendations from quick wins to big structural change projects – the precise discoveries depend entirely on the brand.

What if I already know what is wrong?

We always identify something that you haven’t thought of yet as we apply a fresh pair of eyes to your business.  If you prefer to go straight into implementation then we can support here too via our project services.

What happens after the Growth Audit has been completed?

Our Director of Supply Chain Services will check in with you at 30, 90, and 180 days post the issue of the report. We will also track your progress in the shared google sheet project tracker. It is up to you to deliver the recommended changes and this is the only way that you will truly realise the value of the audit, but YF can step in to support with change projects too should you be unable to allocate enough resource or lack the necessary expertise. 

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