Legal Principles for Training

Last updated: 14/12/2021

At Young Foodies, we believe in goodwill and trust. We do not believe in overcomplicating things and having long legal agreements with our customers – instead please refer to these legal principles which we use to govern any course, programme or package you book through us.

By confirming a place on our courses, you confirm that you agree to these principles which we reserve the right to update from time to time. Please read these carefully and ensure you are comfortable with them before committing to anything with us.

  • We are delighted that you are joining us for an entire year of learning and development. Your subscription is valid for 12 months from the agreed start date.
  • An individual that has subscribed for the full year package can attend as many courses as they would like, however they can only attend each course once.
  • An Individual package is non-transferrable between people, meaning it cannot be sold on or passed on to a different individual to the person that originally signed up for it. If someone in the business leaves, please contact the YF Training team to organise the transfer of their space to another team member.
  • If you have new people joining your team during the contract, please notify us so we can adjust the costs and set them up with a booking code.
  • If you would like to cancel a place on a course, please give us at least 3 calendar weeks’ notice. For any cancellations on shorter notice, we will be enforcing a 2 strike policy. Following your second strike you will be charged 50% of the face-value course price as available on at the time of cancellation to reflect the fact that you have taken the spot from other people.
  • This will not apply if, within 2 weeks of the course, you assign your space to someone within your organisation who is also governed under the same Unlimited Training Package.
  • YF cannot be held accountable for non-utilisation and will not provide any refunds in this event so please do use it
  • If you have purchased any of the individual ticket bundles, such as the Ops Starter Bundle, the Digital Marketing Bundle or other these terms apply
  • Bundles are for individual use only and cannot be shared within a team
  • It is the responsibility of the bundle holder to make optimal use of it and to book onto courses as early as possible to avoid disappointment
  • Bundles are non-transferable, non-refundable and must be used within the calendar year of purchase
  • We recommend all courses are booked in with plenty of time as spaces are limited
  • If we quoted you based on a subscription basis over the course of a contract length you are committing to the full contract value being paid by the end of the contract length. In the event of early termination, we will expect the remaining sums to be paid immediately. 
  • The timing of the contract cannot be changed once booked and it is the responsibility of the brands and their team members to utilise the service during this period.
  • If the number of people in the team increases during the course of the contract length, YF may reserve the right to discuss pricing with you.
  • YF will release the specific course dates no later than the first 2 weeks of the quarter for the next quarter of courses. For example, in the first 2 weeks of January, the course dates will be released for courses taking place in Q2. At this point, you can book onto the courses.
  • For those on subscription services, we will set you up on GoCardless and take the payments once per month at the beginning of the month. We ask that you do not cancel this DD – cancellation of direct debits will trigger an invoice for the remaining contract value to be payable in full – no payment terms will be provided.
  • The contract itself can be cancelled at anytime with 8 weeks notice. Upon cancellation you will owe us the greater of the face-value price of any courses already booked at the point of cancellation, including any courses attended already or booked on in the coming 8 weeks after the point of cancellation and the payments already made up to and including the 8 week notice period. For the purposes of illustration: if you cancel in March and have already attended £2,300 worth of courses at face-value according to the Young Foodies website price – and have a ticket worth £500 for a course next month, you would owe YF £2,800, minus the sum already paid via direct debit for the package. Note this is all excluding VAT.
  • The full invoiced amount is due upon course booking. The programme is non-refundable however you can change the attendee name up to 2 weeks before the programme start date.
  • Sign up is personal and only the name of the attendee provided upon sign up can attend
  • If you do not turn up to the days for whatever reason, we cannot offer any refunds.
  • It may be necessary for YF to change the content and timing of a programme, the trainer or the date. In this instance, YF will provide new details to all attendees. No refunds will be payable.
  • Whilst we are confident that the third party trainers delivering the programme are appropriately skilled and qualified, we are not responsible for the views, advice and opinion they express.
  • The programme content and materials are provided for guidance purposes only on an “as is” basis, and are not intended to be advice specific or tailored to your particular circumstances on which you should rely. We do not promise that the programme and/or any information obtained by you through the programme will meet your specific requirements, and we are not liable for any losses suffered by you or a business you work for if you place any reliance on the programme content or opinions and views expressed during the programme.
  • All programme materials are for your personal use only and you will not share the programme materials with any person, whether within or outside of your brand.
  • You will not post any programme materials or content publicly.
  • You acknowledge and agree that we and/or our licensors own all intellectual property rights in the programme materials and content. Young Foodies will enforce in full all its rights and interest in the programme content.
  • If you breach any of these principles, you will be asked to leave the programme without any entitlement to a refund.
  • You provide YF with the right to use your brand name in marketing materials for this service.


For any queries, contact [email protected] and someone in the team will be able to help