Why Milliways is one to watch in the chewing gum space

Milliways founder Tom Raviv is serious about growth and was proactive about bringing support in to help accelerate the business from the get-go.


Revisiting the chewing gum category

Milliways is a Stage 1 brand producing better-for-us, better-for-the-world chewing gum. Founded by Tom Raviv, an ex accountant and investor, the brand launched at the beginning of 2021 in D2C channels and on Amazon. Tom and his team have big plans to take on the market incumbent and transform the category for the better.

“Every chewing gum piece we have chewed since birth is still on the earth. It’s time for the industry to change and we are excited to be the driving force behind it.”



Why Milliways is one to watch in the chewing gum space 1

“I knew nothing when it came to supply chain or getting the product out there with retailers, D2C or Amazon”

With a background in finance and investment, Tom clearly understood the principles of business. However as the launch date was nearing, there were elements of FMCG that he needed support in navigating. ‘Are these normal prices?’, ‘What should I respond to this?’, ‘What do I do next?’. 

As a proactive founder and experienced businessman, he knew he needed advisors who understood the business and, critically, how to succeed in FMCG. This would keep him on the straight and narrow with his business plan.


Engaging a weekly advisory service

Tom engaged YF to give him a fixed amount of advisory time each week in the months prior to launch and since.  He requested that the time is lacking in agenda or structure – it is simply Tom’s time to have a knowledgeable brain on his business. During this time, the pace of learning is steep and grounded in best practice.


“The experience changes a lot depending on what the business needs. The beginning was all about admin, heavy lifting and getting agreements in place on the supply chain side. Even the basics like getting information request lists from suppliers and knowing the questions I should ask. Where we are at now, it goes far beyond supply chain. We could be diving into sales, legal documentation, financial models – it really does change.”

Why Milliways is one to watch in the chewing gum space 2

Amazon’s favourite and top seller in a few months

Tom launched the Milliways brand successfully in Jan 2021 and has seen significant growth every month since then, including having all 3 SKUs in the top 20 category sellers on Amazon. He feels confident in his business and knows what he needs to work on week in and week out to deliver his targets.

Tom and Milliways is a fantastic example of a brand that moves quickly and right first time. They invest ahead of the curve to keep them moving in the right direction and avoiding costly mistakes further down the line. We feel confident that this proactive attitude will serve them very well and expect to see big things from the team. Watch this space.



Why Milliways is one to watch in the chewing gum space 3

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "I feel very lucky that YF has been able to support my business."

“Your track record speaks for itself - you have worked with some of the most well known brands in the UK - some that I admired even before I started my own business. I knew I was going to receive a great service and I haven’t been disappointed. There is nothing I can say to improve this service - it has made a huge and noticeable change to the business.”

Tom Raviv

Would you recommend working with YF?

“I would recommend you any day of the week as long as the person I am speaking to is, in my opinion, serious about the business they are looking to grow. The level of service is super high, the team are so professional and the quality of help is honestly brilliant for people who are taking this seriously. The impact is difficult to measure by nature but it’s been hugely definitive to Milliways success to date.”

Tom Raviv

“Tom is someone we would call a ‘real challenger’. He asks all the right questions, is incredibly humble and open to challenges and uses experts to avoid costly mistakes down the line. As a result, he has produced a fantastic product and brand - one that really sells. Contrary to popular belief, founders like Tom do not come along often and so we are thrilled to be able to provide ongoing support in the growth of the Milliways brand. We hope to work with the growing team for many years to come.”

YF Project Team

3 Things Tom Learnt

1. Have fun. The most important thing is to have fun. If you don’t take a step back to enjoy the journey then there is not much point in doing it.

2. Be patient. Things don’t happen overnight which is why it is important to remind yourself to enjoy the experience. If you are patient and on the right track, things will grow and your plans will happen.

3. Step out of your comfort zone. “I never saw myself in a sales position but just before this I was out on the streets going door to door. The most progress I have made has come from trying new things, speaking to new people, and learning to sell myself.”


“Knowing that I have YF to support is huge – if something comes my way and I don’t know how to deal with it, I know I can just ask.”

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